Goodbye Australia!

Goodbye to all my friends and my family in Australia
and thanks for having me
It means so much to me
cause I‘ m leaving on a jet plane now
don’t know when I’ll be back again
or if I will ever gonna see your faces again ……

But if I will
I just meet you at the river
we’ll walk up the creek
and we swim at the waterhole
behind the waterfalls

Or I will
meet you at Port Douglas
and we walk into town
and we’ll sit at the Courtys
and get drunk

Or I will
meet you at Cooktown
and we’ll stay 3 nights
Cape trip will take our breath away
We’ll drink whisky with the locals at the RSL

Or I will
meet you at Daydream or the Low Isles
And we’ll snorkel
And go crazy on the reef sprinter

Or I will
meet you at Mount Hope
or in Barcaldine or Longreach
To watch the stockmen without a flat tyre

Or I will
meet you at Pandanus
and we will light up the coils
and have a barbie on the Weber

Or I will
meet you on Phillip Island
and I will take my sunglasses off
in the waves of the ocean
Watch the Nobbies and Red Rock

Or I will
meet you in Pakenham
we’ll have steamboat
and jump into the pool
with all our clothes on

Or I will
Meet you on the farm
and we walk up the fence
watch the sun go down
holding hands

Or I will
Meet you at the bottom
we walk up the mountains
and we look out over the ocean
sitting on a tree


based on the Song „meet you there“ by Timber and Wood

2 Gedanken zu „Goodbye Australia!“

  1. Liebe Ilona,
    selbst wenn du nicht mehr in Australien sein solltest,
    unsere herzlichen Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag und alles Liebe. WIR freuen uns, wenn du wieder da bist, ob du auch???!!!!
    Hoffen, es geht dir gut, bis bald.
    Liebe Grüße von allen aus dem Sekretariat sendet
    Petra Herling

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